Strategic and Financial Analysis for Real Estate Investors

  • Use of accounting and financial statements and their analysis to facilitate your decision making process on:
    • Apartment buildings
    • Condominium projects
    • Multi-unit apartments (e.g., duplex, triplex, etc.)
  • Budget preparation for potential real estate investors (residential or commercial properties)
  • Revenue and expenditure forecasting (per square foot)
  • For additional information please call 613-424-8310 or send email to

Services for Private Sellers Virtual Real Estate Assistant We know that sometimes selling your home privately without an agent can take more time than expected. Choose us as your Virtual Real Estate Assistant. You can have potential buyers phone and email us, then we can act as a message relay service. This saves you time and keeps your personal contact information private until you decide otherwise.  We can Show Your Property to Potential Buyers When it’s not practical or convenient to show your home to potential buyers, we can show your home for you. Even if we show your home 10 – 20 times, our service is still cheaper than paying a real estate commission by thousands of dollars. Some of our clients have saved $10,000 or more! We’ve got years of experience showing homes to buyers and renters. We’ve shown and rented and/or sold 100s of properties (i.e., single family homes, town houses, condos, etc.).

  • This service is especially useful for private sellers who have busy schedules or do not wish to broadcast their personal contact information online.
  • This particular service is offered anywhere in Canada (please call us for details).
  • We can Show your home to potential buyers ($100 per showing or 3 showings for $275)
  • We can Host an Open House for potential buyers ($300 for a 2-hr Open House)
  • If your home needs to be cleaned before the new buyers move in, we have cleaners who will take care of this for you

House Sitting / House Checking for Vacationers and SnowBirds* (can be bundled with Real Estate Services)

  • Water indoor and/or outdoor plants
  • Collect mail, newspapers and flyers (if preferred, mail can be forwarded to you)
  • Check for leaks, problems with pipes, thermostat settings, etc.
  • Check the ceilings, basement, and windows
  • Advise you about and handle any emergency situations that may arise
  • Rotate lighting (if required)

We suggest that you check with your home insurance provider to confirm the frequency of home monitoring that conforms and complies with your policy. Our home monitoring services meet these insurance requirements. Prior to your return, we can take care of putting some staples in your fridge, resetting the AC or heat, etc.   Additional Services*

  • Cleaning your rental property prior to your new tenant(s) move-in date
  • Cleaning your home prior to the new buyer moving in
  • Phone Jack / Cable Outlet installation by a Certified Technician who will book precise appointment times
  • Phone / Cable / Internet troubleshooting and service by Certified Technician
  • Help with Downsizing to a Smaller Home (e.g., sorting through what to keep vs. sell, coordinating with junk removal services and storage companies, de-cluttering prior to renting or selling the home that is now too large)
  • Interior Design / Staging advice to help you make your home picture perfect and ready to sell (this can be accomplished through video-based consultation or in-person / at your home through a local service provider)
  • Open your home and wait for Deliveries (e.g., appliances, furniture, etc.)
  • Open your home and wait for Installations (e.g., cable, internet, telephone, etc.)
  • Open your home and wait for Repairs / Maintenance (e.g., AC, furnace, duct cleaning, etc.)* Please note that these prices will be based on the actual time required

For Reviews and Testimonials, click here, here, and/or here. If you would like our help with any of these services, please call us at 613-424-8310 (Office), 613-700-9822 (Mobile)or email us at If you are in the Hamilton area, please call us at 289-799-0601. All of these services will be provided by a bonded and insured Home Opener. Additional fees apply for services provided outside the greater Ottawa area (i.e., outside Ottawa, Orleans, Vanier, Nepean, Riverside South, Barrhaven, Kanata, and Stittsville). Cash, email transfers, VISA, MasterCardAmerican Express and cheques are accepted.